Year Round Beers

Honey Pilsner

Crisp light lager, slightly malty with subtle hints of wildflower honey. Finished with Hallertau and Saaz hops.

Alcohol by Volume 5.2%


Jess is a super hoppy IPA brewed with American pale malt and copious amounts of Mosaic hops. This new offering is delicious from the aromatic start to the final juicy sip.

Alcohol by Volume 7.3%

Toasted Coconut Porter

Dark and roasty Porter with generous amounts of in-house toasted coconut.

Alcohol by Volume 5.5%

Seasonal Specialties

Anniversary Ale

Medium body amber ale, bready malt flavor with a big hoppy bitter finish. 

Alcohol by Volume 6.6%

Graduation Ale

Golden pale ale, slightly hoppy. Brewed each May for the upcoming graduates. It took you four hard years to graduate, so we made this one easy to drink. Congratulations! 

Alcohol by Volume 5.5%

Half in the Bagpipe

Amber in color, full-bodied strong ale with a prominent malt flavor delicately balanced with Goldings hops. Made with a hint of molasses.

Alcohol by Volume 7.2%

Incarcerator Dopplebock

A German style "Double" bock. Amber in color, strong, malty, sweet caramel flavors dominate. Well balanced with Tettnang and Amarillo hops. 

Alcohol by Volume 6.8%

Lewmeister Oktoberfest

Amber, full-bodied lager made in the traditional style with German hops. 

Alcohol by Volume 5.4%

Massatucky Brown

Light brown, medium-bodied ale. Smooth, malty, and slightly roasted flavor.

Alcohol by Volume 5.3%

Minutemen Red Ale

This brew has a wonderful red hue, a medium body and a nice balance between the caramel malt flavors and the slightly spicy hops. GO MINUTEMEN!!

Alcohol by Volume 4.8%

Muddy Brook Maibock

Traditional German style Maibock, light in color but malty and balanced with Magnum and Saaz hops.

Alcohol by Volume 5.7%

Pumpkin Ale

A lightly spiced pumpkin ale, brewed with local pumpkins and blue hubbard squash from the Smiarowski Farm in Sunderland. Usually on tap from early October into November.

Alcohol by Volume 5.0%

Ryeteous Red

Reddish amber in color, mild and malty with hop aroma and finish.

Alcohol by Volume 4.6%

Salamander Crossing Lager

A smooth amber lager fermented at ale temperatures. Hopped with sterling and crystal hops. Named after Amherst’s famous salamander tunnels located in the northern part of town.

Alcohol by Volume 5.2% 

Super Stout

A chocolate oatmeal stout brewed with 100 lbs. of brewer's oats and 50 lbs. of flaked barley. This brew is rich, creamy, roasty, and disappears fast when on tap.

Alcohol by Volume 6.0%

Wedding Witte

A Belgian style white ale brewed with orange peel and coriander spice. Originally brewed for head brewer John’s wedding in the fall of 2008.

ABV 5.2%

Workingman's Wheat

Light, crisp, German style wheat with a medium hop finish. Made using 25% German wheat malt. Brewed and on tap each summer.

Alcohol by Volume 4.9%